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If you have a lot to say about your house, what better way than creating a website dedicated to it!!!! You can publicise the site, submit it to your favourite search engine, put the URL in your e-mails, on your homepage or blog and link to it from many of the property sites listed here. You can add as much detail as you want about the house, the locality, add as many pictures as you like and even add floor plans or make your own virtual tour.

1. Where are you going to host your webpage? There are lots of sites who offer free webspace with site building tools such as Webs.com.

2. Draft everything in a word processor so that it is spelt correctly, and check that all your details are accurate. So if you have already prepared your details (see Preparing your details) and taken your photographs (see Tips For Photographing Your Property), you are ready to go.

3. Add your main picture to the front page, but I would recommend including further pictures on separate pictures, and not too many per page. Images slow download times, and you don't want some poor person browsing on a dial-up connection to click away because they get bored of waiting.

4. You could do separate pages for each room, or floor of your house, linked from your main page.

5. Add a map from Streetmap

6. If you know a bit about technical drawing, why not draw up floor plans for your home and include them. Giving an idea of layout could really bring your house alive to a potential buyer.

7. For real website building experts you could video sections of your house and make a virtual tour of your own. Don't put it on the home page and make sure people know if they clicking on a page with video. It can be slow even if you have broadband, so don't annoy potential buyers with nasty surprises like that.

8. Keep your design simple and uncluttered. Remember you want people to admire your house, not to be distracted by the website design. A pale background, dark text, and simple layout will make your site a great way to market your home. Check that all your links work, that your images appear in the right place, and you're ready to upload.

9. Make a flyer to give to your viewers to remind them of your property using our Flyer Generator Tool

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