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Preparing Your Details To Sell Your Home

It is very useful to prepare all the details of the property that you are selling before you start to add them to websites. You can be sure that you have included everything, that it is accurate and spelt correctly! Some sites will time you out while you are adding your details, if you use dial-up for your internet access you will block the phone up for hours, and it would be very frustrating if your computer crashed just as you had finished typing it all in!

1) Prepare you details in a word processing program in advance. Then they can be cut and pasted in to as many sites as you want to advertise your property on.

2) Look at estate agents details of houses for ideas of what to include. But don't use estate agent jargon, as it will put people off. If you have already had details drawn up by an agent lucky you! You can use them and save a lot of time (or improve on them...)

3) Start with a short paragraph which summarizes your property, stating how many bedrooms there are, whether it is a house, flat, maisonette etc, terraced, semi or detached, if it is double glazed and has central heating (or admit if it 'needs updating'). Include the best features of the house and of where it is located. Remember that this is all the detail that some sites will allow so make it short but packed with information.

4) List all the rooms in your house with brief details. Put them in a logical order for walking around your house, for example, entrance hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, cloakroom, utility room, stairs, study, bedrooms, bathroom, WC, loft, gardens front and back, parking space or garage.

5) Only include in your room details things which you are leaving! Windows, radiators, fireplaces, fitted kitchen units and wardrobes, built in cupboards, phone or TV aerial points. If your hob is built in, mention it, if you are taking the cooker, put 'space for cooker'. Mention if other appliances are built in or not.

6) Measure your rooms and give the measurements in both feet and metres.

7) Think about your house; what are the best features? Include anything that will make your house memorable and interesting to potential buyers. Is it of historic interest? Does it have original features intact? Have you added any features which are popular such as a Shaker-style kitchen, a free-standing bath, wood flooring or a conservatory? Is your garden a prize winner? Has the property been featured in the press, magazines or on television? Let people know!

8) Finally write a short paragraph about your local area, mentioning transport links, local facilities, sports clubs, and always say if you are in catchment for a good school.

9) Take your photos and either download them if you are using a digital camera, or get them developed and scanned. See our Tips For Photographing Your Property.

You are now ready to start selling your home!

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