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Can A Virtual Tour Sell Your Home?

Only a few years ago only the most exclusive properties included a virtual tour with their details. Today, virtual tours are becoming more popular with house hunters at all levels of the property market.

For a seller they give a chance for potential buyers to see the whole of a room instead of just a corner, or to get a look at the whole of your garden or neighbourhood. For a buyer it means you can get a really good idea of whether you like the house before deciding whether to view it in person.

So what exactly is a virtual tour? It’s like a film of your house, a 360 degree picture of a room, your garden or your neighbourhood. To get an idea of what it looks like, below is an example of one from Houseweb.

Usually, if you purchase a virtual tour you will be offered between 4 and 8 views, so all you have to decide is what your home’s best features are.

A virtual tour is an investment in selling your home. A package which includes a virtual tour with Houseweb costs from £269, however you can purchase a tour on its own. This is for you if perhaps you who want to show your property to friends and family who live abroad, or if you would like a memento of your house to take with you.

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