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Sell Your Home Action Plan

Here is a ten point action plan for getting your property sold.

  1. Get your property valued.  Get at least 3 local estate agents to visit and give you a valuation.  There will be quite a variation in the values which you get so don’t just accept the highest value you are given, as it might not be realistic.  You can also use a website such as Hometrack to find out what the properties near you have actually been selling for.  This will help you to decide what a realistic valuation is.
  2. Start clearing up NOW!  Unless your house is a minimalist dream and you have a regular cleaner it will take a while to get your house prepared for potential buyers.  It will need to look good for photos whether you or an estate agent is taking them, so get decluttering as soon as possible.
  3. Do you think your house will need more than just a spring clean?  If decoration is on the cards get painting.
  4. And don’t forget the garden – it may be a little bare at the moment, but keep it tidy for early bird house hunters. 
  5. Meanwhile start researching your finances.  You need to know how much you can borrow and how much you will get for your property so that you can look for your new home.
  6. Decide whether you want to use an estate agent or go it alone, or do both.  If you want to advertise your property privately as well as use an estate agent read the contract very carefully to ensure that it is within the terms of the contract to do so.  Also check whether you will be liable for a fee if you do sell privately during the period of the contract with the estate agent.
  7. Consider promoting your house in unusual ways.  Hold an open house, put leaflets in your local supermarket, pin adverts on notice boards.  Even get a T-shirt printed with your house details!!
  8. Now you just need to wait for the offers to roll in (!) and decide whether or not to accept them.
  9. Find your solicitor or conveyancing service.  You can, of course, do your own conveyancing if you are brave enough.  Remember that you cannot use the same solicitor a your buyer or the people that you are buying from, so if there is only one solicitors office in your village you will have to get in quick…..
  10. Look for a removals company – go for a personal recommendation where possible and book early if you want to move on the last day of the month.

For a step by step way to sell you home read Law Pack’s Sell Your Own Home Kit: Be Your Own Estate Agent and Save Pounds, available at Amazon.co.uk.

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