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Help for Homemovers

  • Help I Am Moving
    Tons of useful links for anyone moving house.
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers
    Information on all aspects of property.
  • www.TheMoveChannel.com
    Worldwide property resource with a unique directory of more than 10000 property and real estate websites.
  • Really Moving
    To help you with each step of you property buying, selling and moving, we have compiled advice and guides covering the property buying process including research, step-by-step checklists and overviews.
  • BBC Homes
    One-stop guide to buying, selling and moving house. Handy checklists and top financial and legal advice to help reduce your stress levels as you climb up the property ladder.
  • Audrie.com
    US site with complete action plan for selling you home without an estate agent.
  • My Old House
    Does your house have a story to tell?

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