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Tips For Photographing Your Property

Good photographs of your property will really improve your chances of selling. Anything that makes someone more likely to click on your house details is a must! Here are some tips on making your photographs as good as possible.

1) Get hold of a digital camera if you don't already have one. Borrow or rent one if need be. Taking prints, getting them developed, maybe re-taking ones that didn't work and then scanning them is a lot of time and work. You want to get your house on the market as soon as possible. With a digital camera you can check your pictures immediately, retake as many times as you need to, and then download them straight to your computer. Scanned pictures are poorer quality as well.

2) Choose a sunny time to photograph your house. Good light will make your house look better, and a picture with sunshine will be more appealing. The picture of the front is the most important, as this is the first picture buyers will see, and some sites only allow one picture.

3) Move the car, and get anyone else parked outside your house to move theirs too. Move wheelie bins out of the way too. You don't want any part of your property hidden.

4) Tidy the front of the house, clear any litter, plant up empty containers and hanging baskets or get them out of sight.

5) Fill the frame with your house, as buyers just want to see the property for sale. So unless your house backs onto a beautiful landscape, keep other buildings, sky and pavement to a minimum.

6) To photograph your garden mow the lawn and tidy up. If part of your garden is really good, take a special picture of just that bit.

7) Indoors, prepare your house as if viewers were coming round. Tidy all clutter away, straighten cushions and pull the curtains to let in as much light as possible. If your house is quite dark, use a tripod to take your pictures rather than use flash.

8) The best rooms to photograph are the lounge, kitchen and largest bedroom. Otherwise take pictures of any other particularly interesting rooms.

9) Once downloaded, edit your pictures. Crop out any unnecessary details, like neighbouring houses, too much sky etc. Reduce the image size as much as possible. This will improve the download time of the webpage your pictures are on. If your pages are slow to download, a buyer could get bored and go on to look at a different property.

10) Less is more. Never include a bad picture in your details. It's better to include less than the number of pictures allowed than put in a bad shot which could put buyers off.

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