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Can You Sell Your Home at Christmas?

One of the great myths of selling a house is that you cannot sell a home just before Christmas. Like many myths it has elements of truth in it. So why do we believe that when the shops start to fill with tinsel (September) we should forget about selling property?

  1. Nobody wants to move too near Christmas. Myth. It depends on how much they want or need to move, the same as any other time of year. Lots of people don’t care too much about celebrating Christmas, some people hate Christmas, some don’t celebrate it at all.
  2. Christmas decorations can help sell your house. True. Tastefully done Christmas decorations can make a house seem even more inviting, cosy and homely. The smell of a real Christmas tree can be a clincher. Just remember that decorating the outside of your house with so many lights that they confuse passing aircraft will be a turn-off for many buyers.
  3. People are too busy in the festive season to view houses. Myth. Timewasters will have other ways to fill their hours at Christmas. Genuine buyers will make the time to view your property.
  4. It’s harder to keep the house smart for viewers at Christmas. True. You will have to make extra effort clearing up dead leaves, tinsel strands and making sure that the kids don’t leave muddy footprints on the carpet. But then you might very well be expecting extra visitors, so keeping the place in tip-top condition will save you time when the family arrives……
  5. The estate agent will be thinking about the office party, not about selling my property. Myth. The estate agent will be thinking about the nice Christmas bonus that selling your house would give him.

So selling at Christmas is worth the effort, and what better Christmas present than getting that long-awaited offer on your property?

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