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10 Tips For Choosing Patio Doors

Information supplied by JELD-WEN - one of the UK's leading windows and doors manufacturers

  1. Choose timber patio doors for sustainability As the only truly sustainable option, timber is increasing in popularity for patio doors as part of the trend towards natural wood finishes in the home. Look out for timber doors that have the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification, which means they originate from well managed sources. A wide choice of timber patio doors are available, which means when enhancing your home you are also doing your bit for the environment.
  2. A complementary style adds value Many property experts agree that a great way to add value is to introduce a patio area that is in keeping with the style of your home. This instantly adds light and mood and enhances the overall look and feel, which is particularly important when selling a property. For contemporary homes, a sliding patio door, such as the Ledbury by JELD-WEN is a great choice for chic and simple style. Homeowners looking for simple classic style should opt for a French door, such as JELD-WEN's Clifton doorset that is available factory finished and with attractive silver effect fittings as standard.
  3. Increase your energy efficiency through your patio doors Patio doors supplied to new builds and extensions are now covered by Part L Building Regulations which means that many of the latest designs feature innovative ways of helping the homeowner maximise their energy efficiency. Low-E glazing is great for energy efficiency as it allows the sun's rays in, while preventing a build up of heat in the room during summer. Ingeniously it also reflects heat from radiators back into the room during the winter. A house generally loses around 25% of its heat through its glazing, so Low-E is a definite worthwhile investment. There are many energy efficient glazing options on the market today, including gas-fillled units which do command a slight price premium but will make your home more energy efficient and help reduce your fuel bills.
  4. Ensure your patio doors offer low maintenance Careful consideration of your choice of glazing type and the finishes of your timber patio doors can really make a difference to the amount of maintenance they will require. New self cleaning glass is now available which is great for reducing window cleaning chores. It is best used when a home is located in areas with frequent combinations of sunlight and rainfall - talk to one of JELD-WEN's window specialists for more information. Timber patio doors now come with attractive hi-build paint and stain finishes - with guarantees of up to 10 years. It's never been so easy to keep your patio doors looking good for longer!
  5. Bring the outdoors indoors with sliding folding doors Sliding folding doors offer the opportunity to open up the whole front of your house making the garden an extension of your home. It also makes alfresco dining a relaxing and enjoyable part of everyday life. The Canberra patio door is hugely popular for many different styles of home and simply folds out of the way, taking up the minimum amount of space. It is now available in bespoke sizes and with up to six door leaves, which means endless opportunities for both small and larger homes. Check that your bespoke design also comes with a low threshold, which means it is safer for families with young children and is less of a trip hazard for all ages.
  6. Introduce light between rooms Many styles of patio door can also be used internally and are an excellent way to introduce light between rooms. They also complement modern open-plan living and are ideal for enhancing family rooms as they offer a light and airy feel. The effect of natural light on our mood are widely known and homes that are lighter tend to be healthier and happier places for their occupants, which again leads to feelings of well being.
  7. Make your home even more secure Often the patio door becomes the back door to a home so it is vital that they offer improved levels of security. Before you buy, check whether patio doors come with Secured by Design accreditation. Secured by Design products have been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers and have a high quality construction combined with robust ironmongery, which gives them better resistance to forced entry. For more advice on Secured By Design, visit the website www.securedbydesign.co.uk.
  8. Create a feature with attractive blinds and shutters Experiment with different colours and fabrics for blinds and shutters to enhance your patio area. Indulgence really is the key to making the most of this attractive addition to a home. Choose natural wood shutters to enhance timber patio doors or attractive neutral blinds to filter light, add style and create a truly inspirational effect.
  9. Choose complementary ironmongery There are so many exciting ironmongery options around at the moment that it is possible to enhance the style of a patio area with eye-catching handles for doors. Choose from a wide range of designs to suit both contemporary and traditional styles, including glass, chrome, brushed steel and silver and gold effect.
  10. Make sure your patio doors come with a guarantee When you invest in a new patio door it is important to ensure it comes with a guarantee against manufacturer defects. JELD-WEN offers a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee - that gives extra peace of mind when considering this very importance purchase.

For more information on reliable patio doors or a copy of the JELD-WEN catalogue, contact the sales office on 0845 122 2890 or visit the website www.jeld-wen.co.uk. JELD-WEN - Reliability for real life.

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